I know it takes a great amount of bravery to reach out for help when you need psychological support. At the same time, there is nothing more significant and precious to yourself and to the relationships you have than to invest in your own time for self-exploration and building the capacity to have a more compassionate, mindful life.

In a modern world, many of us lead fast, busy, overwhelming lives. Meeting yourself once a week to hear your thoughts, fears, hopes and desires will not only help you explore who you are and connect with yourself in a deeper way, but it will also help you to see others in a more authentic, compassionate way, and to connect with them easier.


Group therapy is a special form of psychotherapy which helps clients address specific or general problems, such as a particular mental health condition or a source of life stress. One of its goals is to broaden the clients’ capacities to better cope with negative experiences and behaviors.

Group work is often vibrant with different processes and themes, is at times exhausting and at times very uplifting and empowering. However, one of my favorite moments in groups is witnessing different sorts of “group magic”. For instance, the moment of installation of hope in group members by acknowledging that some members of the group are making progress toward their goals. Group therapy also represents a strong motivator and encouragement to work on your relationship that are not healthy or satisfying.