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In my practice, I’m dedicated to helping adults, individuals and groups, who are struggling to find emotional balance in their lives and desire to lead a fuller, meaningful life.

A lot of my work is multicultural as I work extensively with the international community of expats, students and diplomats.

I have particular expertise in processes with clients with borderline and narcissistic organizations, as well as with clients with anxiety, depression, burnout and other stress related phenomenon.

My experience and familiarity with the challenges members of the LGBTQ community often face helps me to further support those clients to reach successful therapy outcomes.

Areas in which individual or group therapy can help you:

  • Depression and anxiety 
  • Panic attacks
  • Recovering from trauma – helping you heal from emotional, physical and sexual abuse
  • Work/Career issues and relationships
  • Dating and relationship issues
  • Affairs and divorce 
  • Motherhood and parenting issues 
  • Body image
  • Shame
  • Feeling stuck in life or in a relationship
  • Grieving after a loss
  • Sexual orientation and sexual identity
  • Quest for meaning: Questions around purpose and calling
  • Navigating life transitions