As psychotherapists, most of us have always been passionate about our profession, appreciating the profound influence we have on the mental health, well-being, learning and development of our clients.

Psychotherapy is also a profession in which one never seems to stop learning and growing. Our professional path doesn’t end with a degree or certification. As psychotherapists, we are on a continuous path of professional growth to help improve our practices and ensure optimal services for our clients.

Apart from reading relevant literature, going to conferences and workshops and being in close contact with our colleagues, we need supervision to create that additional support for continual professional learning. Throughout a psychotherapist’s career we will receive a lot of supervision, probably both in individual and group settings.

The relationship between a psychotherapist and their supervisor is a very significant one. Supervision sessions provide a vital opportunity to share clinical dilemmas, to reflect on professional issues and get guidance from someone more experienced. I also like to think about supervision as a good example of self-care in our profession. Also, it feels reassuring and intellectually stimulating to talk to a trusted colleague about our work, knowing that your dilemmas and thoughts are confidential and accepted in a non-judgmental, open atmosphere.

My supervisory style is informed by integrative, humanistic, and psychodynamic thinking. I’m trying to synchronize them together with skill and both practical and functional application.

As a supervisor, I am focused primarily on the clinical and professional development of the supervisee. During a supervision session, I will usually discuss with you the direction of therapy and the therapeutic relationship and will try to further improve your safe and effective use of self in the therapeutic relationship. We will make a short verbal contract for each of our supervision sessions to ensure it serves your current needs. However, no matter what content we will be focused on, one theme is always a central underlying theme to everything we do in supervision, and that is safeguarding the well-being of the client.

If this is the time in which you are looking for some additional support, feel free to contact me. I enjoy working with psychotherapists and psychotherapy trainees alike and would be happy to get to know you.